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Episode 1: Brexit - What has actually happened?

Since the departure of the UK from the EU, e-commerce sellers continue to be affected by the reality of Brexit. In this first live session, Tom, Andy, Scott, Jana and Jérôme will discuss the continuing implications of Brexit, and the state of affairs three months down the line.

Episode 2: How to launch into the EU market post-Brexit

How should you view the opportunity to expand into the EU? What are the requirements? What is the best way to expand to Europe? How has Brexit affected e-commerce sellers and what are the common mistakes that sellers make? Find out in this next live episode!

Episode 3: Importing your stock into the UK and EU

How are you maintaining your stock levels in the UK and EU post-Brexit? In this episode we discuss: shipping, customs, 3PL, tax requirements and capital advance and working capital, along with the issues that are affecting e-commerce sellers now that Brexit has occurred.

Episode 4: How to diversify your e-commerce business

Brand diversification is a popular strategy for businesses wishing to grow their market size and strengthen their brand. In epsiode 4, we will discuss how to expand your e-commerce brand through diversification, focusing on product range, sales channels, social commerce, and more.

Episode 5: Maximising your ROI with localisation & optimisation

Join the European Alliance panel for the next live broadcast. This week the panel will discuss everything that you need to know about localisation and optimisation of your products. We will discuss what optimisation is, why it is important and how often you should be optimising your listings.


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